Symexco is delighted to announce QiCards as Lead sponsors for Iraq Finance 2016


Symexco is delighted to announce QiCards as Lead sponsors for Iraq Finance 2016

Who we are

International Smart Card (Semi-government Company) was formed in 2007 as a joint venture between the private sector and the government sector represented by the two largest government banks in Iraq, Rafidain and Rasheed Banks.

International Smart Card is the leading provider of electronic financial transaction services in Iraq. Its private-label, closed-loop, payment card scheme is called QiCard (pronounced “keyCard”). Qi card is used for disbursement of pensions, salaries, and grants, as well as purchases and payment of bills and fees.

Today ISC has more than 700 employees in Iraq, trained to provide network and channel support, customer service, and to run a smooth operation through Iraq.

ISC is managed by a Local and International team of dedicated professionals specialized in Banking & Finance, Management and Technology.

What We Do

ISC serves the banking sector in Iraq by offering banks the means to offer their customers modern secure electronic financial transaction services through ISC virtual accounts.

• Offer government departments and private enterprises with the means to distribute salaries and funds such as grants to their recipients using state of the art ePayment solutions. • Enable customers to pay their bills with government agencies and private enterprises. • Serve directly the Iraqi consumer market by providing consumers with the ability to create modern financial accounts and enjoy the full benefits of electronic payments as experienced in modern countries. • Issue and acquire payment cards – Domestic QiCard as well as international Schemes, such as MasterCard on behalf of fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq Including Rafidain and Rasheed.

QiCard is ISC’s flagship Solution, which employs biometric identity as the cardholder verification method. Qi Card is used widely in Iraq for the distribution of pensions, social welfare aid, employee salaries as well as purchases and payment of bills and fees.

To date, ISC issued around 4.5 million Qi Cards and has a network of 6,000 Point of Service terminals, equipped with biometric readers, operated by around 3,000 cash-out agents spread throughout Iraq. ISC also operates around 200 Enrollment centers.

ISC is the Winner of the prestigious Sesames Awards in the best “Joint Initiative” category at “Cartes Secure Connexions convention” – Paris in November 2015

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