Chairman and General Manager, Expert of Financial and Banking Affairs

DOB:Baghdad 04/05/1955 .

Previous Experiences :

  • Appointed for the First time with the Commercial Bank of Kuwait in 1978, and then with Al-Rafidain Bank in 1980.
  • Manager of Foreign Letters of Guarantee / Rafidain Bank.
  • Manager of Foreign Relations / Rafidain Bank.
  • Manager of Al-Elwiya Branch/ Rafidain Bank.
  • Manager of Sanaa’ Branch (( Al Yemen )) 1993-1997 / Rafidain Bank .
  • Consultant of Foreign Branches Affairs for Rafidain Bank.
  • Expert and Manager of the International Department and deputy General Manager of Rafidain Bank, 2000 – 2003 .
  • Board membership of the British - Arab commercial Bank 2001 – 2004 as representative of Iraq.
  • Member of Iraqi Understanding Memorandum – as Consultant of Financial Affairs (Ministry of Trade, 2001) .
  • Committee's Member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Experts for the UN reimbursements , 1999.
  • Committee's Member of the Iraqi Development fund – Ministry of Planning, 2001.
  • Head of the Indebtedness Iraqi Committee incurred as liabilities on the Rafidain Bank for the unpaid letters of credits.
  • Member of the Foreign Exchange Committee/Central Bank of Iraq.
  • Chairman of the Arab Nafithah for Bank Consulting, Amman – Jordan, 2008 – 2010.
  • General Manager of the Iraqi Islamic Bank, 2010 – 2011.
  • Consultant of the Prime Minister in the Pricing Committee emanating from the Economic Committee, 2012.
  • Appointed as Chairman and General Manager of Rafidain Bank, According to the Government Order No. N. R. N. / Dal2 /10 / 2852 on 06/03/2013.

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